Are you Looking For A Premium Done For You Agency That Can Set Up Your Funnels, Offers, Traffic & Sales?

We Create Done For You Solutions to Attract Your Dream Target Market And convert page Them Into sales.


With over 50+ industries we've helped develop High-Converting Marketing & Sales Funnels, including our own million dollar 8 figure results for our brands, it's safe to say you are working with the best funnels agency.

We've done this for over 1,000+ high end clients who have paid us $10,000-$50,000. We can confidently do this for you too..

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9 Figures...






Let's Get Right To What You Care About, Proven Results From Funnels; 9 Figures+ RESULTS...

Yes. We Have Our Own 8 Figure Results Unlike Our Competitors
(Not Just For Clients)!

We Created Our Own Multiple 8 FIGURE Coaching, Courses & Mastermind Business....

I used to struggle to get clients daily when I started my business, I tried everything from organic marketing, seo, making videos, attending networking events, blogging, content creation, social media efforts, hiring expensive retainer agencies and more...

Once I cracked the art of "MARKETING FUNNELS", I was able to go from 6 figures to 7 figures in under 12 months and then to 8 figures (10Million)+ in under 4 years, once I used this system to perfection I even generated over 20MILL in just 3 years, now i'm committed to helping business owners get unstuck, automate their marketing so they can focus on their Genius Zone.

We don't just preach to generate results for your business, we talk the talk and have done exactly this for ourselves.

over 9 Figures + Generated with 2CC & 2CCX awards to show for it!

Who We Can Help + Our Partners & I Have Built Over 1,000 FUNNELS Built In A Variety Of Niches. We Provide Everything From Funnels, Traffic, Leads, Offers, Marketing Systems, Done For You Sales Closers & More...

1. Business Consulting and Services:

Information Marketing *Courses & Coaching*
Expert Consulting Services
Management Consulting
Financial Advisory Services
Tax Planning Services 
Human Resources Consulting
Marketing Strategy Consulting
Supply Chain Consulting

2. Technology & IT Consultancy Services

Enterprise Software Solutions
IT Security Consulting
IT Infrastructure Services
Data Privacy & GDPR Services
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

3. Professional Development and Training:

CEO Training
Corporate Training Solutions
Leadership Development Programs
Employee Wellness Programs
Technical Training and Certification
Sales and Negotiation Trainings

4. Marketing and Branding Services:

Content Marketing Agency
Video Marketing Agency 
PPC Marketing Agency 
B2B Lead Generation Services
B2B Influencer Marketing
B2C Influencer Marketing 
Marketing Research and Surveys
Corporate Branding Services
Seminars, Live Events & Conference Services

5. Financial and Legal Services:

Legal Consultancy and Services
Corporate Tax Advisory
Wealth Management Services
Trade Credit Insurance
Financial Planning and Advisory
Business Valuation Services

6. Industry-Specific Solutions:

Industrial Equipment Maintenance
Manufacturing Process Optimization
Commercial Printing Services
Dental Marketing Services
Chiropractor Marketing Services
Hotel / AirBNB Marketing Services
Rental Car Services
Amazon Business Opportunity Services
Etsy Business Opportunity Services
Energy Efficiency Consulting
Industrial Automation Solutions

7. Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

Supply Chain Optimization
Vendor Management Services
E-commerce Fulfillment Services
Trade Show and Exhibition Services
Freight and Shipping Solutions

8. Environmental and Sustainability:

Environmental Impact Assessment
Sustainability Consulting
Environmental Compliance Services
Industrial Waste Management
Green Energy Solutions

9. Communication and Collaboration:

Telecom Expense Management
B2B Payment Solutions
Video Conferencing Solutions
Unified Communications Services
Collaboration Software Solutions

10. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

- HR Outsourcing and Consulting
- Document Management Services
- B2B Customer Support Services
- Financial Process Outsourcing
- Data Entry and Processing Services

Plus many more, see how we can help you by booking a call today. 

how we can help you get the best results:

Battle-Tested Website Funnels Strategy

Don't worry if you don't know what funnel strategy is best for you. We'll help you choose the best funnel based on your problems and goals!

Beautiful Custom Graphic Design

Not a graphic designer? We will create your custom graphics for you. We just ask you provide the best pictures of yourself and your offer!

Persuasive Copy That Converts

We understand how hard it can be converting leads into customers. We'll help you craft a message that connects with your audience and converts!

Done For You Lead Generation...

We'll write all your copy, do all the research for your IDEAL dream clients and then write messaging that attracts and converts your leads.

We offer Organic + Paid Traffic solutions so you can scale without sacrificing your soul.

Done For You Offers

What makes your business work is your ability to convert cold traffic. 

We create the "Holy Grail" of online marketing and build you a 7 figure offer that converts strangers into customers that are red hot and ready to buy now...

Done For You Sales

Struggling to convert leads into sales? We have experienced, friendly, expert sales closers and setters.

Plug them in to make sales for you and best part? Pay commissions only and we build your own REMOTE CLOSERS TEAM. 

High-Quality Funnel Design & Build

We'll design and build your high-converting sales funnel from scratch with your branding and story!

Custom CSS & HTML Codes

You will stand out from your competition with a unique sales funnel that looks like no other!

Complete Back-End Tech Setup

We will set up the back-end tech stuff so you can avoid the pain of dealing with all the moving parts!


We Understand What It Takes To Create Sales Funnels That AUTOMATE Your Marketing...

Most business owners are busy, overworked and need clients like they need new clients TODAY, TOMORROW and NOW, they do NOT have time, energy, expertise and the resources to build funnels. 

We can help you do that. 

The DONE-FOR-YOU Sales Funnel Service for Busy Founders & Owners of Businesses Selling Services, SaaS, & Digital Products ... From STRATEGY to IMPLEMENTATION. 

Benefits of a high converting sales funnel:

  • Walk your page visitors through your entire sales process from start to finish...
  • Quickly turn page visitors into leads by capturing email and other contact information...
  • Use contact information to follow up with your fresh leads instantly and turn them into buyers...
  • Use one-click-upsells to sell even more solutions...
  • Solve your customers biggest problems...
  • Get everything you ned to market, sell, and deliver your products online...

get a fully automated sales machine generates a consistent flow of leads and sales so you can earn more income and grow your business

Case study:

Privacy Pros Academy

We coached Jamal on how to create a high ticket offer, build automated funnels that attracted his ideal clients and he was able to scale his EXPERTISE through online coaching & courses.

We know charging low rates in this fast moving market won't cut it, so we installed our "High Ticket Frameworks" and he's now been able to get £100,000+ from his offers. 

I've Helped More People Get 7 & 8 Figure Results Than Almost Anyone Else In This Entire Industry...

Me & My Elite Team of Export Funnel Consultants (Not Just Funnel Builders) Have Helped 1,000's Of Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Just Like You Generate Amazing Results Online. Some Of Our Clients Are:

Let's Do This...

After Helping 1,000's 
Of Business Owners.

Would You Like Our Help To
Get More Leads, 
Appointments, Bookings 
& Sales?

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Scaled From 100k per Month to having his first 100K week working with Shaqir Hussyin +


Shaqir helped me breakthrough to my first every 100K+ month, I generated over 190k in just 30 days using his


Founder and CEO of Limelight Media Scaled To Over 1 mill per month after working w/ Shaqir Hussyin +


7-Figure Earner Freedom YouTube Influencer with 400,000+ YouTube Subscribers Is Client Of Shaqir Hussyin +


7 Figure Expert - Akbar Sheikh known as a leading Coach for Coaches has been a private client for over 5+ years.


Founder of Easy Sketch Pro with 100,000+ Clients. Went from selling low ticket to high ticket offers and scaled to 10Million after working with Shaqir Hussyin.


World's Number 1 Entrepreneurial YouTube Influencer with 3Million Subscribers - Controversial, Love Him Or Hate Him. He's Got 3Million Subscribers.


International sales trainer and speaker and the CEO -  was a $100,000+ client of Shaqir Hussyin (8 Figure Entrepreneur)


Founder of Australia's fastest growing Digital Education Company - generating over 250,000 MONTHLY another client of Shaqir +

what others are saying about working with us

"Work With These Guys, You Won't Regret It!"

“I came to Shaqir because I was an inundated and overwhelmed 7-Figure CEO of tribe builder company who helps coaches, thought leaders, experts and change makers to build purpose driven tribes and because of Shaqirs help we’ve had massive breakthroughs in our internal business model and setup saving us tons of money upfront to the tune of 107K cash in the bank."


"Very Knowledgable, Quick To Deliver!"

"As an International sales trainer, speaker and CEO of I Invested $100,000+ with Shaqir Hussyin thus getting massive results driving traffic to his premium high ticket funnel he made for us. Helping us win our 8-Figure 2 Comm Club X Award by ClickFunnels and get Ranked #1232 of 5000 fastest growing businesses in the U.S. by INC. Magazine, I can’t recommend him enough.”


"WOW!! What A 10/10 Experience."

"As a founder of Affiliate Mentorship Program scaled our business from ZERO to $190,000 in one month after Joining Shaqir's Mentorship and getting our whole business blueprint set up and dialed in, growing our Facebook following to over 3500 high ticket buyers and counting."


With over 1,000 clients served, it's safe to say we can deliver you the best results possible...


International sales trainer and speaker and the CEO of 7th Level Communications was a $100,000+ client of Shaqir Hussyin (8 Figure Entrepreneur)



Founder of Australia's fastest growing Digital Education Company - scaled from $100,000 to $400,000 per month after Joining Shaqir's Mentorship.



Mike Bowness is a tribe builder who helps coaches, thought leaders, experts and change makers to build purpose driven tribes.



Founder of Zach Crawford Mentorship Program . See how Zach scaled from $0 to $190,000 in a month after Joining Shaqir's Mentorship.



Mother of 2, Ex-NASA Business strategist. Tried everything, spent 2 days with Shaqir & generated over $100,000 her first 6 months using Done For You FUNNELS + our DONE FOR YOU Traffic Agency.



Founder of awesome ENTRE Nation. Shaqir is one of the best internetmarketer in the world and some of the most brilliant marketing insists that I have been exposed to, came from him.



Who Else Wants To Travel All Over The World. Joined Shaqir's mastermind for her online business and take it to the next level and Turns Lifestyle Entrepreneur.



Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is a licensed naturopathic physician and clinical instructor at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM)



Took her career away from home. Joined Shaqir's mastermind for her online business and take it to the next level.



Learned eCommerce lessons from SH event & now running his own eCommerce shopify store. Turn your passion into profits.



Personality Branding Expert, Mentor Grown his Coaching Business so Quickly And so Efficiently that he never thought before after joining Shaqir's Mentorship.



From Australia, 65 Year Old Grandma, Makes Up to $9,500 In 30 Days.



Emotional story of how he rose from the ashes, travelling and living the financial freedom by leveraging a system taught by Shaqir Hussyin


Gregory Cooke

Online Entrepreneur. Targeted Australian women on Facebook for the MAA brands and haveclosed $3k in a day for the brand.


Jamal Ahmed

Made his first 5 sales "With ZERO Paid Ads" helping others Protect their Organisations from Reputational Damage & Fines by Solving Data Privacy & GDPR Risks



16-Year Old, Earns 6-Figures in Less Than A Year..From Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle Mastermind



Get to travel with his family after getting into his own online business by joining Shaqir Hussyin Mastermind.



At first I was so skeptical, I was worried shaqir would not have the time to coach me and help me.



Her Store And Promotions Were Set Up In Under 6 Days, And She Managed To Make $2k In Less Than 24 Hours.



"Learned alot from Shaqir's Event".


Are You Our Next SUCCESS STORY? Can We Be That "Missing Link" For You To Scale? Book A Call, You Already Know We Can Help You!😉

We've Built OVER 1,000+ FUNNELS Since Launching FUNNELS.COM... See our recent 7-FIGURE funnels!

are you ready to Grow Your Business With A Brand New, High-Converting, Sales Funnel, designed & built Completely DONE-FOR-YOU?



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By the end of this 30 Minute Demo call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent high quality leads using Funnels & Paid Ads. Find a time on Shaqir’s calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


  • Business owners who want to bolt on a "High Ticket Offer" ($3k-$15k+) to their business.
  • Business owners who want to turn their websites into a high converting Sales Funnel.
  • Business owners that want to turn $1 into $3 or $5 or even $10 using power of Paid Social Media Ads.
  • ​Business owners looking to PIVOT their offline business online without having to spend years.
  • Business owners who need proven Digital Marketing Training for themselves, their Teams & their contractors.
  • ​Business owners who need "Second Pair" of unbiased eyes filled with expertise & scalable results.
  • ​Business owners who desire exponential Income Growth, Conversion Rate Optimisation & Equity Builder.
  • ​Business owners looking for a trusted, reliable & "Get It Done" training/agency that can make their company

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

+What page builder do you use to build funnels?

We primarily use clickfunnels to build our sales funnels.

+Do you provide copywriting services for sales funnels?

Yes, we will work with you from start to finish to ensure the copy is positioned correctly.

+Can your sales funnel agency help me increase my conversion rate?

Yes. Our main goal is to increase your conversion rates and lower cost per lead so you can get the best results.

+How long will it take to receive my funnel back?

We try to deliver in just 7-14 days but may extend this length depending on the specifics for your funnel.

+I tried building my own funnel but have no results. Can you help?

Yes. Book a free call with our team of funnel experts and we will determine the best solution the your current problems.

+What's the next steps?

Schedule a free call with the Shaqir and his team of funnel experts and learn how we can help you automate your lead generation and sales using proven funnels systems that we use every day to generate MILLIONS!

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